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Antonio Agostini

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Ancona 60123
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I live and work in Ancona. My wife and I decided a few years ago to move away from Rome, mainly for professional reasons but also because, clearly, we were feeling that it was time for a change in our lives. We came here to stay and firmly determined to make this new adventure as happy as we can.

My work experience started in large corporations, where I spent more than the first half of my career. A radical and significative change occurred many years later, when, following the stream of the never-ending restructuring and reorganizations, I found myself in small-size, spin-off companies and startups. Discovering the pleasure of freedom in my job, but also the excitement and the risks of having to invent my business every day. Years later, I must fortunately confirm that it was a good choice and that from that experience I learned important lessons. Two, in particular: the importance of a good team and the ability to learn and bounce back from one's failures.

Therefore, it is towards this target that now, as a business coach and consultant, I have chosen to focus my professional activity. To the mid and small-size organizations, small entrepreneurs and young startuppers I want to devote my best efforts. I like to work with them and help them to sort out the challenges and opportunities of the market and to cope with the severity of the crisis. And the region in which I came to live, the Marche, with all its small-business success stories and family-run world-famous fashion companies, I hope will offer me the ideal environment for such professional a challenge.

During my work life, I have been lucky enough to diversify somehow my specific professional experience: the traditional “hiring and firing” of human capital; corporate communication; managerial development for business growth. Working inside the company, as well as a consultant.

And business coaching, of course. This peculiar and new dimension, in which I have finally found a comprehensive summary of all my previous experiences and different professional and managerial competences, which I have been using and sharing with my co-workers for years. And which confirms me the importance of learning from my personal minor victories, but mainly from my much bigger mistakes.
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Entrepreneur/Small Business Coaching
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